Frequency (Hz): 50, 60;    Fuel Type: Diesel
Rated for kW kVA
Standby 800-1020 1000-1276
Prime 728-928 910-1160


Maintaining their outstanding reputation for high performance power even in the harshest conditions, the latest KTA range is jacket water aftercooled design. Its inbuilt step timing control system ensures optimum engine timing at all combinations of load and ambient temperature, improving cold starting and reducing light load fuel consumption to greatly enhance engine efficiency.

Technical Specification

Generator Model Hz Prime kVA / kW Standby kVA / kW RPM Fuel Type Certification Spec Sheet
KTA38-G3 50 910 / 728 1000 / 800 1500 Diesel Non-Regulated kta38g3_2.pdf
KTA38-G3 60 1025 / 820 1125 / 900 1800 Diesel Non-Regulated kta38g3_3.pdf
KTA38-G4 60 1138 / 910 1250 / 1000 1800 Diesel Non-Regulated KTA38G4.pdf
KTA38-G5 50 1000 / 800 1100 / 880 1500 Diesel Non-Regulated KTA38G5.pdf
KTA38-G14 50 1029 / 823 1132 / 906 Non-Regulated KTA38G14.pdf
KTA38-G14 60 1160 / 928 1276 / 1020 Non-Regulated KTA38G14_0.pdf


Aftercooler Large capacity integral aftercoolers are supplied with cooling water separate from the engine jacket. This provides cooler, denser intake air for more complete combustion and reduced engine stresses for longer life and low exhaust emissions.

Cooling System A two pump, two loop system must be employed; i.e. the engine jacket is cooled by one radiator or heat exchanger and the aftercoolers are cooled by a separate radiator or heat exchanger. Both cooling systems are independent of each other. The jacket water pump is supplied engine mounted from the rear of the gear cover. The aftercooler water pump is customer selectable and can be provided mounted on the front of the gear cover. Cummins provides conventional water inlet and outlet connections for the jacket system. Aftercooler water pump inlet and aftercooler core outlet connections are provided for customer use and ease of plumbing on the aftercooler system.

Lubrication Large capacity integral gear driven pump provides pressure lubrication to all bearings and provides supply for piston cooling. Cummins supplied large capacity oil pans are recommended for Prime and Continuous Power applications.

Pistons Pistons are dual Ni-resist, aluminum alloy, ground and shaped to compensate for thermal expansion which assures a precise fit at all normal operating temperatures. Oil cooled for rapid heat dissipation. Two compression rings and one oil ring. Utilizes offset piston pin for reduced susceptibility to liner cavitation.


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